Ordinary People. Extraordinary Service.

What Members Of Our Community Say About Our Team

“I have a personal checking and savings account through GCB, and my daughter does as well. We have always had remarkable customer service in dealing with the staff. They are friendly, very helpful and do what it takes to help us with our needs. They are always respectful and keep our information confidential. That is so very important in a small community. Thank you, GCB!”
Kim J. | Personal Banking Customer

To be honest, while I could have shopped around for lower rates I chose not to because the level of service I received from the first call was truly extraordinary. As a first time home buyer the entire process is really intimidating, but Jim and Amy went above and beyond simply getting me a mortgage – they walked me through the entire home buying process and even answered several questions my realtor couldn’t!”
Sam S. | First Time Home Buyer

Why We Do It

REASON 1. To support and grow our community

We believe support is key to a healthy and vibrant community so we participate in a variety of programs that give back to our service area communities such as the United Way and our Local School Districts.

REASON 2. Help people in our service area pursue their dreams

Whether it’s home ownership or starting a business, we believe you and every member of our community should have an opportunity to borrow the money you need to pursue and live your dreams.

REASON 3. Provide people with services that promote financial stability

We believe you and every member of our community deserves a safe and reliable place to invest your hard earned money without having to worry about it’s security.