Open Your Working Capital Line Of Credit & Enjoy A New Type Of Purchasing Power

As a business owner, there will be times when your company’s growth is limited by the cash you have on hand, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Instead of drawing against a personal credit or credit card, open a working capital line of credit and enjoy a new type of purchasing power.

The Run Down On Business Lines of Credit For Working Capital

Working capital loans function like a credit card but often have lower interest rates. Lines of credit are designed to meet the everyday operational needs of running a business and unlike other loan types do not require you to specify the purpose of the loan during the application process. They are useful to any business who simply does not have the cash on hand to cover daily expenses, especially businesses with high seasonality and cyclical sales cycles.

Benefits of using a working capital line of credit

  • You’re prepared to handle financial difficulties
  • You maintain full ownership of your company
  • No collateral required and quick turnarounds
  • You can use the money however you see fit


If you’re looking to buy equipment or other long-term assets you may be better off using an SBA loan.

3 Smart Ways You Can Use A Working Capital Line of Credit

Cover Marketing, Payroll, Rent, and Much More

Lines of credit can cover everyday business expenses such as marketing campaigns, taxes, payroll, rent,  insurance and much more.

Save on Bulk Order Discounts

Purchasing large quantities of inventory and materials at one time with a line of credit can help save money upfront and on interest down the road.

Gain The Flexibility You Need to Win Business

When unforseen costs arise during a bid lines of credit can help give you the flexibility you need to win a bid at the last second for a large client order.

What You Should Expect When Opening A Line Of Credit With Us

Extraordinary Service You Will Love

Service You’ll Love

As a borrower with us you will be connected your own business line of credit expert who is responsible for walking you through the entire process of financing with a line of credit from start to finish.

No Surprise Fees Money

No Surprise Fees

Not all surprises are good, that’s why our commercial lenders make sure you fully understand the terms of financing using a working capital line of credit before letting you sign off on your agreement.

Fast Decisions Stopwatch

Fast Decisions

When you’re looking to finance a business purchase, timing is everything. That’s why we make our decisions to extend working capital lines of credit locally to get you get the answers you need exactly when you need them.

Meet The Business Line Of Credit Lenders Dedicated To Providing You With Extraordinary Service

Mike Schmid

Mike has over 30 years experience in lending and specializes in credit lines, equipment loans, commercial mortgages and SBA loans.


Todd Erickson

Todd has an extremely broad background in business lending that has given him over 39 years of experience in banking.


Bob Lewellyn

Bob has more than 13 years of experience providing financing solutions to people and businesses in the local area.


You’re Only 3 Easy Steps From Getting Approved For Your Business Line Of Credit In As Quickly As 2 Days

Ready to Get Started?

STEP 1. Start with a no-pressure conversation

When you reach out to us you will be paired with a dedicated working capital lending expert and the first conversation is only focused on getting to know you and your borrowing needs. Nothing else.

STEP 2. Apply online, in-person, or by phone

We know running a business means your life is busy that’s why we offer 3 convenient ways to apply for your working capital line of credit. Regardless of how you apply, if you have questions at any point during the process our working capital lenders are happy to help.

STEP 3. We analyze your credit history and financial health and get you a quick decision

For you, the hard work is done. For us, we’re just getting started. We analyze several financial health measures of your business to build the best working capital line of credit option for your situation.

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